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MISCONCEPTION #1: Liquid zeolite is more powerful and is absorbed faster into the body.

Liquid zeolite has been portrayed for the past decade as a faster, more efficient way to detox because it can supposedly be absorbed by the body faster than powder and capsule (filled with powder) products. The funny thing is that liquid zeolite is nothing more than powdered zeolite suspended in a liquid solution. So whether you are taking a powder, capsule, or liquid product, the absorption rate is exactly the same!  The concept of liquid zeolite being able to be absorbed more quickly by the body was created by MLM (multi-level marketing) companies that needed a strong reason for customers to choose their overpriced product over competitors. Thousands of people fell for it!Pure Powdered Clinoptilolite

MISCONCEPTION #2: Only liquid can cross the blood-brain barrier.

This is another lie perpetuated by MLM companies. As stated above, liquid zeolite is nothing more than zeolite powder in a liquid.  Liquid zeolite has the same exact capabilities as powdered zeolite providing it is the right sized particle. Zeolite can cross the blood-brain barrier only if it’s micronized.  If powdered micronized zeolite is in liquid zeolite, then it can pass through the blood-brain barrier.  The biggest difference between powdered, micronized zeolite and liquid zeolite with micronized zeolite in it, is that you get way more zeolite for your money using a powdered product.

MISCONCEPTION #3: Multiple zeolites are better for detoxing.

Once again, this is another concept thought up by marketers who were trying to get an edge over the competition. There are almost 150 types of zeolite, but only two are known to be non-toxic to the human body—clinoptilolite and mordenite. Of these two, clinoptilolite is the only zeolite that is known to be safe to ingest. Mordenite has a jagged crystalline structure, which could be possibly damaging to the lining of the digestive system. Mordenite should NOT be used in any zeolite health supplements. Chabazite is another type of zeolite that is found in products containing multiple zeolites. Chabazite has never been tested as a dietary supplement and is know to be toxic to humans!  The only type of zeolite that should be put in your body is clinoptilolite. Please make sure that the zeolite supplement you are taking only contains pure clinoptilolite.

MISCONCEPTION #4: Nano, activated, and cellular zeolites are more effective at detoxing.

These are more false claims created by markets to try to convince customers that they have a superior product over their competitors. Nano and cellular zeolite is supposedly is so small that it can attract tiny toxic particles that other zeolite health supplements cannot. But there is no such thing! Zeolite cannot be broken down to a nano size. If it was, it would no longer be zeolite, but just a tiny piece of what made up the zeolite. It would not be able to detox, and could possibly be dangerous to the body because it is no longer zeolite! But don’t worry about these products being dangerous! They are liquid zeolite product— nothing more than powdered zeolite in water, and pose no threat. You will just be getting very tiny amounts of zeolite per dose.

Activated zeolite is a phrase used to make you think some kind of special process was used to make the zeolite more potent and better at detoxifying. The phrase makes you think of activated carbon, which is carbon that was put through a special process in order to make it more porous. The more porous the carbon, the more surface area it has for filtering out toxic materials. The process that makes activated carbon is not used on zeolite. Zeolite is naturally porous, and is never made more porous through any method. Activated zeolite is just another marketing ploy by supplement companies to make you think their zeolite is more effective than others.

MISCONCEPTION #5: All clinoptilolite is all the same.

This statement cannot be further from the truth. Zeolite, or clinoptilolite, is mined from the ground. The purity levels of zeolite vary depending on what is in the ground with the zeolite. For instance, if there is a great amount of lead, arsenic, and uranium in the ground near the zeolite deposit, then the zeolite’s cage will be filled with these contaminants.  In order to find a pure, uncontaminated zeolite deposit, you need to find a place that is void of dangerous metals and toxins in the ground. The most contaminated heavy metal rich lands are found in North America and Asia. Much of the clinoptilolite from these continents only has a purity rate around 40% to 70%. That means that 30% to 60% of the zeolite cage is loaded with contaminants and heavy metals! Double check the zeolite product you are taking, or plan on taking, to make sure that the zeolite does not originate from North America or Asia. If you have to call the company to find out this information, then do so!

Purity and potency are clearly linked. In order to have a potent zeolite product, the cage needs to be empty of any contaminates. ZEO Health is known in the health supplements industry as the company that uses the purest zeolite possible. Their purity level is around 97%. The purity levels of all other zeolite supplements do not even come close to that of ZEO Health’s zeolite.

MISCONCEPTION #6: Zeolite kills viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

Zeolite does none of this. Zeolite can only detoxify the body of heavy metals and toxins, such as pesticides. It cannot destroy or remove viruses, bacteria, or parasites from the body.  The most it can do to guard against all of these different invaders is help to balance the body’s pH and remove pre-viral components from cells so viruses can never form.

ZEO Health makes a product called Zeolite-AV. It contains zeolite and humic acid. The zeolite will detox the body and balance its pH, while the humic acid will coat any fully grown viruses, preventing them from further replicating in healthy cells. It is ideal for anyone suffering from a sickness, especially viral related sickness, to help ward off any further attacks.

MISCONCEPTION #7: Zeolite will cause a healing crisis.

Most other detoxifiers will break down (metabolize) during digestion. The bond between the toxins and the detoxifier will be broken, ultimately reintroducing the toxins into the body at a faster rate than before. This is called a healing crisis.  There is no sick feeling, or healing crisis, when detoxing with zeolite. This is because unlike other detoxifiers, zeolite traps the toxins within its cavities, which are protected by a very strong structure. Zeolite does not break down in the body and the toxins are always protected within the zeolite.  There is never any sick feeling because the toxic materials are not being re-exposed to the body. Eventually, the zeolite (with all the trapped toxins) exits the body.

MISCONCEPTION #8: Zeolite health supplements are synthetic.

Clinoptilolite- zeolite, the only type of zeolite that should ever be used in health supplements is natural and not synthetic. Clinoptilolite takes millions of years to form and is mined from the Earth.  Synthetic zeolites have never been tested on humans and should not be used in health supplements.

MISCONCEPTION #9: Zeolite cannot be taken with food and water.

Zeolite does not interfere with digestion. So eat and drink as much as you want!  Since it doesn’t metabolize in the body it doesn’t matter what is in your stomach before or after you take it.

MISCONCEPTION #10: Zeolite cannot be taken on an empty stomach.

Not true at all! Zeolite is an alkaline mineral, like calcium. Taking a dose of zeolite is like taking an antacid. It will do no harm to your stomach and will not irritate it in any way. In fact, it may do the complete opposite and soothe an empty, acid filled stomach.

MISCONCEPTION #11: Zeolite will dehydrate you.

Zeolite is very absorbent and will suck up extra water in your body, but it’s not going to dehydrate you! Maybe if you eat a whole container of powder zeolite, it might dehydrate you. But think about a few grams of zeolite- about the amount that could fit in a tablespoon. How much water do you think this amount of powder could actually absorb? Not much! If you feel thirsty when taking zeolite, drink more water. If you don’t feel thirsty, then don’t worry about it!

MISCONCEPTION #12: Zeolite cannot be taken before bedtime.

You can take zeolite any time of day. It will not hurt you or give you nightmares! So take it in the morning, afternoon, or evening! It will detox no matter what time it may be! Just be careful of any zeolite supplement that contains Vitamin B, it may give you a boost of energy.

MISCONCEPTION #13: Too much zeolite can be dangerous.

There have been a number of studies done using zeolite, and all have concluded that zeolite supplementation shows no adverse effects. There have also been toxicology studies equivalent to someone eating a whole pound of micronized zeolite within a day, and no side effects were discovered. So zeolite is perfectly safe. The purity of the zeolite is more closely related to safety than the quantity consumed.

MISCONCEPTION #14: Zeolite depletes vital minerals and metals from the body.

People often wonder about this. If zeolite pulls heavy metals out of cells, then what about metals that we need, like iron? The body naturally solves this problem. If the cells need iron, it will be encapsulated in amino acid, making it impossible for the zeolite to pull the iron out. If there is excess iron, it will not be coated with amino acid and will be pulled out of the cell by the zeolite.

MISCONCEPTION #15: Non-micronized zeolite is just as effective as micronized.

Micronizing is an extra process that is done by special machines, involving lasers. Micronizing greatly reduces the particle size of the zeolite so that it can travel further into the body and blood, between cells and tissues. Micronized zeolite can also pass through the blood-brain barrier. Non-micronized zeolite will detox the body, just as micronized zeolite can, but it cannot move as deeply into the body as micronized zeolite can. You will get a better, more full detox with micronized zeolite.

MISCONCEPTION #16: Zeolite should be used rectally for faster absorption.

Zeolite needs to circulate throughout the body for about 6 to 8 hours. Using it rectally will not speed up the process and will not detox any better. Detoxing takes time. It must pass through the entire digestive track so that it will have enough time to travel through the entire body and detox as much as possible. You cannot accomplish this if zeolite is used rectally. To treat toxins specifically in your gut (colon included) use a zeolite supplement with a larger particle size.  ZEO Health makes Esdifan for this specific reason, to not circulate within the blood and only treat toxins in the digestive tract.

MISCONCEPTION #17: Zeolite should not be given to children and pets.

Zeolite is non-toxic, and has no known adverse effects. So giving it to your pets and children pose no problem. Toxicology reports show that eating a pound of ZEO Health’s Zeolite Pure in one sitting shows NO adverse effects! Clinoptilolite-zeolite is perfectly safe, and will only work to improve their health through detoxing and balancing their pH levels.  But as you should always do, check with your health care provider before starting anyone (or animal) on a new supplement.

Below I have listed the suggested dosages of Zeolite Pure for children and pets.

  • Pre-adolescent children-One quarter scoop, at least once a day.
  • Adolescent children- One half scoop, at least once a day.
  • Birds and other small pets– a pinch of zeolite (added to water), at least once a day.
  • Small dogs and cats- One quarter scoop (added to food), at least once a day.
  • Medium sized to large dogs- One half scoop (added to food), at least once a day.

MISCONCEPTION #18: Zeolite will interfere with my medications.

The only medications that zeolite in known to interfere with are heavy metal based. The zeolite can potentially pull the heavy metal out of cells, which will weaken the effect of the medication. To know if your medication is heavy metal based, check with your health care professional or pharmacist. (A great majority of medications are not heavy metal based.) If you are on a heavy metal based medication, take your zeolite health supplement as least 12 hours apart from the medication. If you find that your medication is not as effective as it should be, discontinue taking the zeolite.

MISCONCEPTION #19: Zeolite is more effective if used topically.

Studies have shown that zeolite is useful when applied topically for certain conditions. It is known to have an effect in defeating athlete’s foot, and can help speed up the healing process of cuts, scraps, and minor burns. In addition, zeolite is known to be extremely effective in reversing periodontitis, a severe deterioration of the gums and teeth.

In terms of detoxing, there is no evidence that zeolite will detox the body if used topically, such as in bath or rubbing on the skin. Furthermore, there is no evidence that the zeolite will even be absorbed into the body through the skin. (Zeolite does not dissolve in water!) If it did work this way, the detox would only be localized (meaning it would only be detoxing the immediate layers of skin and underlying tissues, and not the full body.)

Zeolite health supplements will detox best if ingested daily. This way, the zeolite is able to circulate throughout your entire body and will be able to give a deep detox.

MISCONCEPTION #20: Zeolite should only be TAKEN for a certain amount of time.

Zeolite is not the same as a medication. You don’t need to detox for a certain amount of time and discontinue usage.  Zeolite can be taken every day for an indefinite period of time. It is non-toxic and has no adverse effects so it isn’t harmful if taken daily. Also, we are exposed to an immense amount of toxins every single day. They are in our food, water, and air. A zeolite health supplement should be taken daily in order to counteract the toxins we are exposed to.

The owner of ZEO Health, Micah Portney, has taken his zeolite health supplements every day for the past 15 years. He is living proof that there are no long term effects from taking a zeolite health supplement on a daily basis.

MISCONCEPTION #21: Zeolite should be taken in small doses, and gradually increased.

As previously stated, zeolite is not like a medication or a drug. It is a natural mineral that has no adverse effects on the body. There is no reason that doses should be gradually increased over time because zeolite is not something that you have to build up a tolerance to. In fact, your body doesn’t even metabolize the zeolite. It just circulates throughout the body over a 6 to 8 hour period, and is then excreted.

It actually might be beneficial if larger or more frequent doses of zeolite were taken of when beginning to detox. This will help clear out as many toxins as possible, as quickly as possible. But taking more than the maximum recommended amount will just waste your money.  ZEO Health suggests with their product Zeolite Pure to take it three times a day for at least 90 days. After this time, the dosage can be kept at twice a day or lessened to once a day, and can be taken indefinitely. Occasionally some people may experience bloating or gas when starting at a high dose of zeolite, this typically subsides pretty quickly.  Some people have found that lowering the dose until they can tolerate it better then increasing to the maximum recommended dose works.

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